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      7 May 1945, Admiral Freideburg and General Jodl sign the unconditional surrender of all Nazis forces.


      Meanwhile, a convoy off the Firth Of Forth is being hunted by the U-2336.  Two U.S. Liberty merchant ships will be the last U-boat victims of the war.

Greyhound bus station in 1943     
Restored 1940 Greyhound bus

Adolf Hitler

       Under Hitler's leadership and political ideology, the Nazi regime is responsible for the unprecedented genocide of everyone Hitler and his power-hungry zealots deemed sub-human or socially undesirable.

       They are responsible for the murder of an estimated 48 million people in the European Theatre of World War II.

       Also, the number of civilians killed during the Second World War is unprecedented in warfare.

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August 14, 1945
General Douglas MacArthur signing for the Allies acceptance of the  Japanese surrender aboard the USS Missouri in 1945
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