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The fictional village and aerodrome of



      Hytheham is fiction as is the 26th Fighter Group.  While house sitting for a friend in Stonegate East Sussex, I knew Tom's aerodrome in the untitled novel - at this point - needed a home. So I conjured the name Hytheham.

      To ensure that an actual Hytheham did not exist I contacted British Rail to procure train and bus passage from Stonegate to Hytheham.

      The young lady on the phone clacked away on her computer keyboard, assuring me that she heard the name before but it did not seem to be in the system now. She worked, determined to make my travel come to fruition.

      I finally told her that I was seeking a fictional name for a location in a novel.  I think she forgave my intrusion by saying Hytheham was indeed a good name for a British village.  The United Kingdom is replete with interesting and unique village names such as Norleigh, Blackthwaite and Loxholm Heath.

      However, most names with Heath in it is not for a good reason. The upscale London borough of Blackheath is named so for a sad reason. Research a little history on your own.



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